Really, really.

songs. souvenirs. ink blots. whispers from the heart.

we have this family tradition of making ube (purple yam) every Christmas break. i am always assigned to help peel off its hard skin.

random ube fact: the whiter yams account for the final product’s tendency to be more compact while the purple ones account for the deep purple color. we always hope to strike the balance in between those two awesome qualities, and thankfully so, we’ve learned how to throughout the years ! it was a little too sweet though. *thanks to my father’s “senior” moments* lol.

it always takes time for the purple to wear off, especially from underneath my nails.. so much for a background story! haha.. anyway the purple in these studies also comes from the yams. i actually soaked the peelings in lukewarm water, drained, and then used the colored liquid to paint.

for the girl pic i used purple stamp pad ink to achieve the darker tones. it’s quite interesting that when you apply the purple yam color on paper, it’s reddish. all the reddish-ness disappears once the paper’s dry.